Private Safety & Security Services

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Private Safety & Security Services

Link Operations Private Safety & Security Services is the elite in home safety plans. Our motto is to always be proactive, not reactive. When we first started performing the Private Safety & Security analysis of estates and large homes, we came across the common issues and potential safety risks that the average person does not notice. 

Our team is composed of EMTs & Paramedics, Firefighters (Officers & Chiefs), and Security Specialists (former Law Enforcement & Private Security) with a combined 100+ years of service. Over the years, we have innately been trained to see the potential safety risks and hazards that can be prevented. After our initial survey and vulnerability assessment, we will create a completely tailored plan that will address the life safety hazards and risks found upon investigation of your property and home.

           Services Include:

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Life Safety Assessment
  • Fire Escape Plans
  • Multiple Story Target Hazards
  • Security and Law Enforcement Response Plans
  • Emergency Medical Service Response
  • Property & Home Mapping Pre-Planning
  • Recreational Evaluation (Pools, Environmental, etc.)
  • Child Safety Assessment
  • First Aid Suggestions
  • Advanced Security Operations
  • Advanced Vulnerability Deterrence
  • Safety & Security Automation & Integration
  • 24/7 Safety & Security Consulting for Emergencies
  • Personal Liaison for Emergency Responders
  • Any other requirements based on personal necessity**

We, at Link Operations, back our work and products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will provide you with the assurance and comfort of the safest home possible. The average response time for any ambulance, fire truck, or law enforcement is 11 minutes. Instead of relying on a quick response in a life-or-death situation, we will design a plan to keep 911 from having to be called at all. 

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